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Stories of young people by young people
U-Report Caravan connects young people for change in Morocco
December 2023
U-Reporters in the Central African Republic make their voices heard!
May 2023
Potential unlocked: girls and young women on the move to a brighter future
October 2022
4 million U-Reporters in DRC!
September 2022
U-Report grows to 25 million users… and every voice matters
September 2022
Ofentse Modubu: “COVID-19 is affecting children and young people differently”
January 2022
Rasheed Downer: "Receiving mentorship could benefit you for life”
January 2022
Kyle Nunes: “My generation can support one another”
January 2022
Collins Chinonso: “Become a U-Reporter now!”
January 2022
Anita Ambi: “As a U-Reporter, it became my duty to ensure that the voices of Nigerian children are heard”
January 2022
Dear Leaders, young people have a message for you
December 2021
“Education is the key to change”: The voices of young people on the move
November 2021
“I want to look back and say I was a part of the generation that helped address climate change”
February 2021
UNICEF calls on young people to participate in its new Strategic Plan
January 2021
Participation, education, digital access and climate change are key concerns for children and young people in Africa and Europe, U-Report poll finds
January 2021
U-Report Climate Change Bot
November 2020
#YourVoiceYourFuture - Turning Ideas into Solutions (عربى)
July 2020
#YourVoiceYourFuture - Turning Ideas into Solutions (español)
July 2020
#YourVoiceYourFuture - Turning Ideas into Solutions (français)
July 2020
The lion, the mouse... and the voice of youth
June 2019
U-Report Kicks off with Football Super League in Malawi
June 2018
U-Report Cote d’Ivoire Ignites a Youth Movement
March 2018
Day of African Child: U-Reporters say African leaders are not doing enough to prevent and end conflicts
June 2016
Texting for Better Policies using U-Report
October 2015
U-Report Caravan connects young people for change in Morocco
Young people gravely concerned about the impact of the learning crisis on their futures
In the past year, nearly one million young individuals have expressed their deep concerns regarding the learning crisis and its potential impact on their future prospects through UNICEF's global U-Report poll. U-Reporters have also identified crucial government actions to combat the learning crisis. The results will be used to advocate …
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