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Improving relationships with others through the click of a button

The title might seem a bit strange, and I also felt the same way when I was made to believe that I could improve my interactions with others and create more healthy relationships by just clicking on a button on my mobile phone 


I had always been a young woman who struggled to create healthy and long-term relationships with co-workers and friends. Sometimes, I used to react hastily and display some behaviors that I regretted or refused to listen to colleagues when they started justifying their mistakes. I had also acted nervously toward some of them and ignored them.  


With time, I felt that there was a problem... not only with those around me but also in the way I interacted with others. Upon this realization, it was very difficult to admit that I was in the wrong. But at that time, I felt that blaming others was the best solution. 


I tried to read several articles, but the information I found was provided in a long-written form that did not inspire me, so I was bored and stopped reading them. However, I started to feel motivated when I found a post on the U-Report Iraq Facebook page, that stated that we could send the word “TIPS” to the U-Report platform to gain valuable pieces of advice on mental health, relationships, and other interesting topics.  


I immediately sent the trigger word “TIPS” and received the response in seconds with diverse options on the topic I would like to learn more about. Some of them were: 


1. How can I be kind to myself? 

2. How do I deal with challenges in relations? 

3. How can I be a good friend? 


I selected the second option, and then the platform started sequentially sending me tips in the form of brief points, focusing on the things that I should do and the things that I should not.