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What are the U-Reporters in Haiti saying? A glance at young people's opinions after the 7.2 earthquake

It was 8:29 AM on August 14th when a 7.2 magnitude earthquake affected the southern department of Haiti. The natural disaster caused the collapse of houses and school buildings, and water and food supplies started to become scarce in the communities. Hundreds of familieschildren, and teens were affected and required urgent humanitarian assistance. 


In front of this crisisU-Reporters in Haiti took immediate action and shared their opinions on issues that matter to them 


After 48 hours of the disaster, U-Report Haiti launched national U-Report polls, through Facebook and SMS, to hear the immediate needs of the young people affected by the earthquake.  


In total, 5,940 people (91%) of U-Reporters who live in the 3 most-affected areas responded to the first survey on August 17 on the damage to their homes. Here is what they said: 

 28% have housing and food needs. 55% said they still stay in their destroyed homes and do not feel secure with their families. 17% mentioned they stay with a host family and 14% are homeless. 

         For 35% of them, their houses have not been damaged, 31% have their houses slightly damaged, 21% have their houses seriously damaged, while 13% have their houses completely destroyed. 


        •  second U-Report poll was launched on August 18 and received a response from 2,264 young people (48%). Again, U-Reporters shared their opinions: 


           59% said that health establishments close to their homes are damaged. For 50%, health establishments continue the same services as before the disaster. 

           For 29%, health services are interrupted for the absence of doctors or nurses, 28% said that no medical equipment is available, 13% cite the absence of electricity, and 12% mentioned damage to the building.