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Hurricane Irma: Here some useful tips on how to protect yourself

Hurricane Irma is heading across the Caribbean, so we’re sharing some tip tops to stay safe if you live somewhere that is likely to be affected:

(*) Make sure any object that could fly in high winds, such as water tanks, are secure. Check ur gas and electricity are safe too. During the hurricane turn the gas and lights off to make sure there are no fires or danger in your home.

(**) Stock up on food for several days, including food for small children, if you have them. Make sure u have plenty of drinking water in containers with lids. After the hurricane, only drink purified, chlorinated or boiled water so you don’t get ill.

(***) During the hurricane listen out for official radio or news bulletins, and follow instructions from the authorities on the path of the storm.

(****) Energy & communications like internet and telephone might be affected by Irma, so make sure u have torches and other equipment that is battery powered, including a radio to listen to official news.

(*****) After the hurricane follow advice from the authorities. In case of damage or injury report it. If ur house isn’t damaged stay there, but if it is, seek help from the authorities to find a hostel/camp in your community where u should go. We hope this info has been helpful. Stay safe.

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