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A U-Reporter experience: Improving vaccine access in Uganda

I am Biyinzika Pauline, a 21-year-old female U-Reporter, currently volunteering at the Wakiso Epi Centre Health Centre III alongside the Village Health Teams (VHTs). In my community, U-Report has continuously sent out text messages and shared posts on social media about the different immunization activities and Ebola sensitization, encouraging U-Reporters to be a part of them. 


Thanks to the promotion efforts, I have been part of the COVID-19 vaccination program and Ebola sensitization, and most recently, I volunteered to be part of the door-to-door national polio vaccination program that started on January 20 and was completed on January 30. This program involved talking with community members   to encourage the vaccination of children below the age of five. In addition, during the visits, the VHTs administered polio vaccine drops to safeguard the children against the disease.