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Dear Leaders, young people have a message for you

Dear Leaders,  


From Bolivia to Nigeria, 250,000 U-Reporters shared their voice in the World Children’s Day Poll launched in November 2021. In the Poll, young people between 15 to 30 were invited to share their perceptions about the changes in their daily lives, peer-to-peer recommendations on coping with the pandemic, stories of mutual support, and advice for leaders on the most urgent needs and actions for youth.

From the results, young people have shared their voices and opinions, and here is what they said: 

On youth participation 


“Whenever a young adult tells you about the hardships that they face or how they feel lately, do not put them down with reasons about their age. Instead, take time to listen and support them.” 

U-Reporter in Bolivia, 18 


“A matter of urgency is involving young people in decision-making. The youth need representation in the summits or conferences that bring world leaders, the reason being it's the youth that knows the problems they are facing, and it's them who knows what could prevent or surmount such predicaments.” 

U-Reporter in Lesotho, 18 


On vaccine access 


“The priority should be given to vaccinations and the health sector so it can be prepared for another possible outbreak of the pandemic.” 

U-Reporter in Nepal, 17 


“Vaccines for young people should be made as soon as possible because our future depends on them.” 

U-Reporter in India, 16 


On mental health 


“I would tell leaders to invest in mental health. Many young people are mentally devastated and do not have the opportunity to go to a psychologist or do not know how to do it.” 

U-Reporter in Argentina, 14 

“Provide free mental health assistance for young people.” 

U-Reporter in Bolivia, 15 


On access to healthy food 


“I will advise leaders to create employment for people and solve this ongoing problem of the high cost of food. “ 

U-Reporter in Nigeria, 18 


On job and skill opportunities 


“I will advise leaders to offer free entrepreneurship training skills to youths and loans for startups.” 

U-Reporter in Nigeria, 18 


Now, it is time to take this advice into action 


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