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Life-saving COVID-19 information reaches millions through U-Report

U-Report, UNICEF’s safe and free mobile empowerment platform, gives over 10 million young people in 68 countries a voice on the big issues that affect them. It also shares vital information in emergencies and across all areas that impact on young people’s lives. 

Through communication channels such as SMS, Viber, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp users can ask U-Report questions about the Corona Virus and received preprogrammed answers from experts on the matter. 

The U-Report COVID-19 bot strengthens UNICEF’s ability to assess needs, tackle misinformation, and in partnership with governments share reliable information on where communities can seek assistance. It was initially intended to be a support tool for the U-Report programme and its 68 active countries.  

  • Using WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger you can access the current version of the U-Report COVID-19 chatbot.  

    • - Viber: Follow ‘U-Report’ Public Account on Viber (Go to Discover), Send the message ‘CoronaVirus 
    • - WhatsApp: Send “CoronaVirus” to +66 80 024 9442.  
      • - Facebook Messenger: Send ‘CoronaVirus’ using Facebook Messenger at http://m.me/UReportGlobal