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U-Report Climate Change Bot

 Millions of young people around the world use U-Report to access information, get involved in their communities, and share data with UNICEF.  But one topic we know young people are deeply concerned about is climate change. Inspired by leaders like Greta Thunberg, young people are asking ‘how can I do more?’ ‘what climate actions have the biggest impact?’ and even ‘how do I start my own campaign?’ 

As part of World Children's Day 2020,  a Climate Change bot was developed to educate young people on the impacts of climate change on their environment, possible solutions to combat it, and how to become climate champions. An updated version with new features is now available for U-Reporters to use and continue engaging in climate change topics.

Through the chatbot, young people can learn the causes and impacts of climate change, learn about potential solutions, and how to organize a campaign and take action in their communities.

U-Reporters are encouraged to use the chatbot and share it with their peers so they can all become climate champions.

Get the Facts about climate change on Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, or Viber and can be easily accessed in English, French, Spanish and Arabic!! See the procedure below

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